“It’s not what people will think a Tiffany album should sound like. From the writing process to recording, and producing, and working with amazing musicians that understood my vision - this is the music that’s been in my heart for a very long time. It’s time to fulfill my dreams and step into these shoes.  

I’m in total control of my music now.  I’ve continued to release music, and to grow as an artist, and this album is all about that growth. It’s about change.

It’s about embracing life, even if you’ve made mistakes, wasted time on relationships or career choices, it’s about taking back control and moving on.  You really are getting all the pieces of me, everything I’ve ever dreamed and wanted.

My producer Mark Alberici and I worked very hard on this to make sure that the whole album was just a really great musical experience."



“Signaling a credible transformation into rock siren… exemplifying the perfect union of her commercial past and current rocking intent. A surprisingly satisfying showing by this multi-talented artist.” 

Record Collector.


"An extremely introspective album which showcases her immense vocals and shouts to the world just how fantastic an artist she is."

Essentially Pop


"Not a woman stuck in the past, coasting on nostalgia but an artist who has grown and evolved into something much better."  

Renowned in Sound


"Pieces Of Me is an impressively personal affair that will convert an army of new fans, while pleasing those that have stayed loyal for so long."

Music News


"What an incredible transformation.  Tiffany has re-invented herself in a way that very few are able to do.  Authenticity and passion are vital tools for any artist and she has tapped into both, creating something completely unexpected."

Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction / Red Hot Chili Peppers)


"Tiffany says she's making 'music that has been in her heart for a very long time.'  We're not sure what took her so long, but we're happy it's finally here.  Filled with crashing guitars, dramatic vocals and big choruses, Pieces of Me is an addictive fusion of rock and pop that'll have you punching the sky rather than dancing around your handbag.  Five stars (out of five)."

OK! Magazine